Desata el poder de YouTube Ads para elevar tus ingresos sin depender de Facebook y monetiza tus contenidos orgánicos sin preocuparte por el proceso creativo o técnico de tu estrategia de vídeo marketing.
Dale al REC y transforma tu negocio con YouTube

Press REC and transform your business with YouTube

Unleash the power of YouTube Ads to boost your revenue without depending on Facebook and monetize your organic content without worrying about the creative or technical process of your video marketing strategy.

Dale al REC y transforma tu negocio con YouTube

Desata el poder de YouTube Ads para elevar tus ingresos sin depender de Facebook y monetiza tus contenidos orgánicos sin preocuparte por el proceso creativo o técnico de tu estrategia de vídeo marketing.

Do you have a business, an info product, or an ecommerce and don’t know how to make YouTube your perfect ally to attract more customers and multiply your income? 

We can help you.

You don’t need to know anything about YouTube. That’s our job. From planning content strategy to creating video ads and structuring successful campaigns, we accompany you every step of the way.

Nothing sells better than a video.

It’s the most powerful way to tell stories. We know this because we practically live on YouTube. All day, every day, and all hours. And we love it.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world,

a platform on which we consume more than a billion hours of video per day, more than Netflix and Facebook combined. If your audience watches Netflix, they also watch YouTube.

However, very few companies value YouTube’s potential for generating traffic.

And that’s despite the fact that it’s the platform everyone is looking at and searching on, with over 2 billion users, used by 62% of companies to publish content, and responsible for 37% of all mobile internet traffic. Yes, that one.

So, are you using YouTube to grow your business?

The reality is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can multiply your sales using the power of YouTube without feeling like a steamroller has passed over your head.

This is something we do every day at Dactor Media.

We’re the pill that instantly eliminates your lack of time and results, as we’ve already done for dozens of companies and business owners. Let’s talk now about how we can help you.

Choose which problem you want to solve today:

Infinite Content Creation

In addition, from each YouTube video, you will have dozens of additional pieces of content that you can use as video nuggets, Reels, TikToks or LinkedIn to become the most visible tree in your industry and exponentially grow your communities.


Choose this pill if creating video content and growing your community on YouTube is a “headache” for you.

YouTube Ads

We will help you bring quality leads with direct purchase intent by creating your campaigns on the second most important search engine in the world, as well as scripting and editing all your video ads. Grow your business without fear of cancellations or relying solely on Facebook. With the right ad targeted to the right audience, your revenue can double in less than 60 days.


Choose this pill if scaling your revenue steadily by attracting the right customers without being forced to pay more for the same results is a “headache” for you.

Ultimate Omnipresence

This is the ultimate solution. We have seen time and time again how companies, infopreneurs, or e-commerce businesses that have a community on YouTube have up to 8 times more return on their advertising campaigns.


Choose this pill if growing your YouTube community as quickly as possible with the help of advertising is a “headache” for you. If you are looking to create quality audiences that allow you to have a scalable and stable sales system in the long term while becoming an omnipresent company in your industry without taking up too much of your time.

Let us tell you a little about ourselves.

We’re not a normal agency.

We strive to do what others don’t do.
We like things simple but well-planned, and we’re obsessed with numbers and results. We’ve already told you that we’re passionate about YouTube, right?

We’re very meticulous.

Hacemos casi todo por ti, desde la generación de un contenido que enamore a tu audiencia y la optimización de tus vídeos, hasta campañas de publicidad en YouTube muy estudiadas a través de anuncios que te produzcan ventas.

We are different because we give it our all: YouTube Ads and content.

We have always liked this package because it offers a combined strategy for guaranteed success. And all in one place and with one agency.

That’s why our approach is unique.

We don’t want you to see us as the people who bother you all day with problems, who only share bad news about your campaigns, or who just send you an invoice every now and then. We want to work with you, on the same team and with the same goals. That’s why we like clients who have the potential to grow with us while we grow with them.

One entire year of content in just 6 days.

Set aside 6 days on your calendar and you’ll have a whole year of YouTube content created for you. Impossible? It also seemed impossible for Apollo XI to reach the moon, but it was achieved. Join us in the universe of infinite content, where in addition to each YouTube

We do more than just manage your YouTube Ads campaigns.

We are experts in making your customers pay with the most valuable currency that exists in the world. And no, it’s not euros or dollars, it’s their ATTENTION. That’s why we design high-converting video ads that capture your audience and make them take action instantly so that your campaigns are as reliable as a Swiss watch.

Without sacrificing your time or resources.

 We have helped dozens of infopreneurs, e-commerce businesses, consultants, and business owners double their revenue with YouTube ads and grow their communities without having to sacrifice their time or internal team.

We have helped dozens of clients sell more thanks to the power of YouTube without compromising their time or profitability.

These are some of our clients. They have already loaded the next phase of their business thanks to Dactor Media:

Escuela de la Memoria
(Memory School)

“We had never dared to try advertising on YouTube until we met Dactor Media. During the first 6 weeks, we were able to get a return of between 10 and 14 times what we had consecutively invested with just €2,000 of investment per week. Advertising on YouTube helped us generate our first million euros in just 6 months.”

David Randulfe

For the past two years, I had only been doing advertising on Facebook and getting returns of almost 3 with a significant level of investment. I thought it was impossible for YouTube to work at the same level, so I challenged Dactor to prove it to me.
The reality is that in just 3 weeks, I went from 0€ invested in YouTube to 30,000€ with ROAS between 4 and 6, surpassing Facebook Ads as my main source of income in less than 30 days. They also helped me create new quality video ads that have helped me create a stronger branding.

Adrián Bernabéu

In my first launch, I generated +300,000€ only through Facebook Ads but ended up with my account canceled a few weeks after starting my next launch. I had never advertised on YouTube before and decided to contact Dactor Media for help. Finally, I found a reliable and scalable traffic source for my business without being afraid that my account would be canceled for no reason. It gives me security.

Tatiana Arias

In the first 3 months of working with Dactor Media, using their growth systems on YouTube, our channel reached +50,000 subscribers and generated thousands of dollars in sales without having to invest a cent in advertising. Today, we continue to grow exponentially and our videos not only generate views but also sales thanks to having them positioned #1 on YouTube.

Vilma Nuñez

Since Dactor Media took care of my channel, we have grown 113% in search traffic and 209% in suggested videos, reaching 80,000 subscribers. Their content system has not only helped us grow quickly, but also allows us to have a sales channel that we didn’t have before, while continuing to help our community with valuable content.

Maïder Tomasena

It’s incredible! This year my channel has attracted the same number of subscribers in 5 months as I had during the entire previous year, and we continue to grow every month. Now my YouTube channel is a fundamental part of my brand and my community loves the content we upload every week.

We are loading the next phase in your business

Whether it’s your first 7 or 8 figures or elevating your brand with content, we are loading it… Are you ready to grow with us?